our positive impact

    sustainable packaging

    • We will be the first to admit we aren't perfect. But we are constantly seeking to improve - just like our company name implores. MYJ is committed to providing the most sustainable lineup of packaging.
    • Current MYJ packaging:
      • Our bracelet packaging is made with a special eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds that grows wildflowers and leaves no waste behind.
      • Padded mailers that are curbside recyclable and use recycled content: 100% recycled fibers.
      • Apparel Mailers from our friends at EcoEnclose. These mailers are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and use 97% post consumer waste. 
      • Poly Mailers made from 100% recyclable and 100% Post-Consumer Waste from SMART Shipping Supply.
      • We also offer carbon neutral shipping options on every order.
    • We are always searching for ways to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know.

    nature clean up

    • We pledged to pick up a pound of trash for each order made on this website in 2021 and proud to say we are continuing this pledge into 2022. We will document these clean ups and share on our blog (coming soon)!